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Q: Who is behind Chocolography™?

A: The Chocolate Printing Company, Inc. (CPC) of Inwood, New York was founded by the current CEO/President Mr. Lenny Kofman in 1998. CPC has created, patented and developed the Chocolography technology along with the full product line and the complete technical and marketing infrastructure required for support. Our engineering department is staffed by several engineers and headed by a PhD in electronic engineering.

Q: Is the Chocolography technology patented?

A: Yes. Issued Patents:
Patent # US6, 230 073 B1
Patent # US6, 499, 842 B1
Patent # DO493601
Patent # US D502, 796
Patent # US D501, 696 S
World Wide Patent Pending

Q: Who are some well-known Chocolography customers?

A: We have provided our proprietary products to such corporate clients as CNBC, JPMorgan Chase Bank, American Museum of Natural History, Health Plus, Global Entertainment Television, The Plaza Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Hebrew Theological College, SY SYMS School of Business, Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Fortunoff, as well as celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Liza Minnelli, Donald Trump, Britney Murphy, and many more.

Q: What makes The Chocolography™ Food Imaging System unique and different?

A: High-resolution, Edible Pictures and text printed directly on the surface of chocolate and other edible food items.

A: High production capacity of over 620 pieces per hour. If kept busy at reasonable continuous production rates, system can produce $5000 in retail sales per day.

A: Easy portability means the System offers a huge profit opportunity performing Live at parties and events.

A: We manufacturer our entire product line and sell direct to you. With no middleman, you have high profit margins and competitive prices to your customers.

Q: Does Chocolography™ have Competition?

A: Chocolography is the undisputed leader in reproducing images on confectionary products. Chocolography system is the first and only industrial, yet portable machine of its kind with capabilities to produce thousands of high quality items per day.

Q: Is it lucrative to take my Chocolography™ Food Imaging System to parties and events?

A: Yes. Most Chocolography™ Food Imaging System owners make $1,000 to $1,500 net profit after all expenses at each 4-hour event.

Q: Can the Chocolography™ Food Imaging System reproduce images on food products other than chocolate?

A: Absolutely. Other products may include: cookies, candies, marshmallows, fondant, bakery goods and more.

Q: How long does it take to get my business up and running?

A: When you will complete a 3 to 5 day personalized training you will be totally equipped and ready to run your business. The length of your training depends on your computer skill level and background.

Q: How much room do I need to operate my Chocolography business.

A: The Chocolography Food Imaging System is very portable and can fit on a 6' table. It requires about 20sq. place. The set up time is approximately 15-20 min.

Q: What are Chocolography products great for?

A: Promotions, Souvenirs, Mementos, Party Favors, Gift Items, Trade Shows, Showers, Seminars, Outings, Conventions, Fundraising Events, Sporting Events, Holiday Parties, Center Pieces, Invitations, Special Occasions and many more.

Q: Who will be my customers?

A: Real Estate Firms, Automobile Dealerships, Entertainment Companies, Caterers, Party Planners, schools, kids sports teams and clubs, Non-Profit Organizations, party stores, candy stores, Upscale Restaurants, Casinos, Bakeries, High Traffic Attractions, Retail Outlets, Hotels, Hospitals, Flower Shops, Museums, Aquarium, Zoo, Amusement Parks and many more

Q: What are some of the unique uses for Chocolography product?

A: Business Gatherings (Outings, Conventions, Trade Shows), Sporting and Fundraising Events, Holiday Parties and Gifts, Door Prices, Center Pieces, Special Recognition and many more.

Q: Is their any additional source of income for my Chocolography System?

A: Yes. In addition to selling customized products and reproduce, you can take your CHOCOLOGRAPHY SYSTEM entertain the guest by reproducing their images , while people watch. It is FUN Entertaining and very PROFITABLE. Chocolography Live

Q: Can I incorporate my Chocolography Business with into an existing business?

A: Yes. There are absolutely NO limitations.

Q: What is your Technical Support Policy?

A: The Chocolate Printing Company is proud of its unmatched comprehensive technical support program. Our support team is available from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday EST. After-hours support is available through call back.

Q: Who will set the prices on products and services that I sell?

A: You will set your own prices.

Q: When I have a large order can Chocolography help me to fulfill it?

A: Yes, CPC will back you up with production at reduced rates.

Q: Can I Be Home-based?

A: Absolutely! Many of our partners started at home. You may want to remain home-based forever or eventually get into a Retail Store. Many partners stay home for a few months, learn how to perfect their skills, get corporate accounts and then begin looking for just the right spot. This can also give you the opportunity to start without spending a lot of money on overhead.

Q: How and where should I store my chocolate supplies? What is the shelf life?

A: You should store your chocolate supplies at temperatures not exceeding 70° F / 21° C. At this temperature the normal shelf life should be at least 24 months.

Q: How do you ship chocolate in hot weather?

A: Just like other chocolate manufacturers we have special heat-protective packaging.

Q: Am I required to purchase all of my supplies from Chocolate Printing Company?

A: No.

Q: Are there any initial or ongoing royalty fees?

A: No.

Q: Can I operate and run my business without additional employees?

A: Yes.


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